AffiliateX has all the blocks you will need to easily create lightning-fast affiliate marketing websites, increase CTR and conversion rate, and boost your affiliate income.

Promote single products with strong Call-to-Action (CTA).

Easily add and configure buttons in different styles.

Display product pros and cons with 4 different layouts.

Grab your visitors’ attention by placing a Call to Action.

Display notices in different styles to your visitors.

Share your verdict for the products with a score.

Display comparison table to compare different products.

Stacked different products together in a table.

Display a product specifications using 3 different layouts.

Compare specifications between two products.


List out the top recommended products to your visitors.


Create a product tab using different existing blocks.


Display all the deals and offers stacked together.


Display the deals and offers using 2 different grid layouts.


Promote various deals and offers to your visitors.


Show the comparsion between 2 different products.


Display product information along with pros and cons.


Display a product image along with the different purchase links.

Coming Soon

Easily add Table of Contents to your posts or pages.

Coming Soon

Add a heading block and style it as per your preference.

Coming Soon

Display ratings based on different criterias.

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