Powerful Life Visualizing Tool for Coaches

Help your clients quickly visualize every vital aspect of their lives.

About Wheel of Life

As a career, health or life coach, have you been wanting to help your clients get a much better picture of their lives? Or do you want to understand your clients better so you can help them achieve a profound balanced life even more?

If you happened to say yes, then the Wheel of Life assessment tool is what you exactly need! 

The Wheel of Life assessment tool helps your client see how balanced their life is and motivates them to create a fulfilling life. While your clients visualize all the important areas of their lives at once, you can guide them to maintain the perfect balance they need. 

Why Choose Wheel of Life?

From identifying each client’s life segment that needs attention, and helping them gain greater clarity in their life, the Wheel of Life comes with several functionalities that will only help you to level up your coaching services.

Understand Your Clients Better

With the insights from the assessment taken by the clients, you can understand how you can help them achieve balanced life.

Generate More Leads and Conversions

With the Call-to-Action embedded at the end of the assessment, you can encourage them to take desired action.

Promote Helpful Resources

You can promote helpful and insightful resources that can help to create awareness among your clients and improve their lives.

Help Your Client Achieve Balanced Life

You can help your clients on the areas they are struggling with by offering your services and help them maintain a balanced life and well-being.

Features of Wheel of Life

Easy to Use

Wheel of Life is easy to use and it takes only a couple of minutes to create your assessments.

The plugin offers options to add unlimited parameters and customize its appearance. You can also configure the wheel meter and set its maximum value.

Unlimited Assessments

Your users may want to take several assessments to see if they can get a better view of their lives. 

Wheel of Life supports unlimited assessment. You can create multiple assessments for your users. Your users can take up the assessment multiple times so that they can clearly analyze the final results. 

This even encourages users to willingly sign up for coaching services from you with a hope to create a fulfilling life. 

Customization Options

Wheel of Life is fully customizable. You can configure the desired wheel meter and set the min-max value.

You can also easily change the look and feel of the assessment tool that suits your site’s theme. You can provide different colors and icons to each parameter of the life available on the assessment.

Easily Embed Across Your Website

What if you want to place the Wheel of Life assessment across different section of your website? Well, that’s not an issue!

You can easily embed your assessment form across your site as per your liking. Be it in within your post, pages or a footer section, it offers you the flexibility. 

The plugin includes shortcode and Gutenberg block feature.

Social Sharing

Wheel of Life makes it easier for users to instantly share their assessment results on their social media profiles. This helps to expand the reach of your services and improve the networking as well. 

Well, it doesn’t just end there! It also gives users the option to send in the result via email for FREE! 

Works With Any Theme

Wheel of Life is cross-theme compatible so that all of its features work smoothly in every WordPress theme available. 

You do not have to worry about facing any issues while installing and activating it on your site. 

Analytics Dashboard Pro

Right from the chart display of ranking top wheels, to getting detailed insights of the total number of assessments taken by your clients, the Wheel of Life Pro assessment plugin helps you to get a detailed overview of every situation at a glance

As a coach, get to understand almost any situation of your client in more detail and help them achieve timely life balance.  

User Registration Pro

The User Registration metric will help you to review and assess progress with clients in every step of the coaching journey.

It helps you to study when your client registered to your website and how they have been maintaining their profile. For instance, if your clients are taking several assessments for different types of wheels (Wheel of Stress, Wheel of Life) you can review your clients’ current level of life’s balance in each segment, and help them to make an informed decision.

More Insights on Members Pro

With the help of the Wheel of Life Pro assessment tool, you can always stay on track with your clients’ updates throughout the coaching relationship. For instance, you can easily review users’ profiles, and get insights on when and how many assessments have been taken.

With this, you can even understand what’s getting in their way to create a balanced life and help them understand which goals need more attention and focus.

Call to Action Integration

The Wheel of Life assessment tool comes with highly customizable Call-To-Action integration.

Get to display the CTA button to help your clients take the desired assessment.

Customizable Email Templates Pro

Get to stay connected with your registered clients and inform them about your latest coaching services with the help of customizable email templates. 

You can send personalized emails to the registered clients.

Display Helpful Resources Pro

The Wheel of Life Pro offers the ability to add several helpful resources which help clients to get greater awareness in several life segments and help to envision their improved life.

This offers more room for generating promising leads for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Wheel of Life? Check out our FAQs below.
If your question isn’t listed here, please contact us.

The Wheel of Life assessment tool is easy to configure and simple to use. Once you create, publish and add the assessment you have created, your users can take the assessment.

It usually takes less than a minute to complete the assessment. If you have added many areas of life to rate, it might take some more time than usual.

This tool is absolutely 100% free. Any one can take the assessment.

Yes, the plugin can be used with any theme of your choice. It will work smoothly without any issues.

Yes, our expert support team will address all your queries from Monday to Friday. Our support hours are from 10 AM – 6 PM (UTC +5:45) Nepal Standard Time. 

You can contact our support team here.