AffiliateX Versus Line

AffiliateX Versus Line

You can display the comparison between two product specifications using the AffiliateX Versus Line block which makes decision-making easier for the customers.

How to add the AffiliateX Versus Line block? #

  • On a page/post editor, click on the Add block icon
How to add the AffiliateX Versus Line block
  • Search for AffiliateX Versus Line and click on the block to add it
  • You will get a default block design which you can modify via the provided Block Settings
How to add the AffiliateX Versus Line block

Block Settings #

The following is the list of block settings provided to customize the AffiliateX Versus Line block.

General Settings: You can choose to add the box-shadow effect to the Versus Line block.

Border Settings: You can add and configure the border for the Versus Line block.

Colors: Here you can choose a color for the different block elements and configure the background for the block.

Typography: You can configure the font setting for the Label and Content of the Versus Line block here.

Spacing: You can assign margin and padding value for the block added.

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